About us

Fisicalab was born from the restless mind of two Spanish engineers, Gregorio Coronado and José Luis Fernández. In April of 2013, and with a still incipient design, we began to publish the first subjects of kinematics in Spanish in the web.

Our objective is put our technical and teaching experience at the service of the community to facilitate, to the extent of our possibilities, the teaching and learning of physics. The Platform, which is in permanent development, has been conceived as a set of static and interactive resources, properly classified, contextualized, and exposed in a progressive way. Whether we have succeeded or not, it is up to you to be the judge.

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom. George Washington Carver

José Luis Fernández



Telecommunications engineer. Master in pedagogical and didactic training.

A Malaga born, France resident, where I enjoy with my wife varieties of cheese unknown to the rest of the planet. From here I devise Físicalab, exchange on my mobile endless voice messages with my family and dream with the beaches of my motherland.

  • Curious by nature
  • Convinced about the possibilities of the technology applied to teaching
  • Passionate for music, videogames, and science

Gregorio Coronado



Computer Science Engineer.  Master in pedagogical and didactic training. MAS in radiology, physical medicine and ophthalmology.

Born in Malaga and with boundless and restless energy, I presently am a compulsory secondary education and formative cycles teacher in Andalusia (Spain), I am a big lover of my wife, my daughters, teaching and the secrets hidden in everything that surrounds us.

  • I love technology and apply it to every aspect of my professional and personal life.
  • Family and friendship are fundamental pillars of support in this journey we call life.
  • Although I'm not good at any, I love to participate in any team sport.