If a body is in the position (1,2) and after 2 seconds it is in the position (1,-2).

What will be its average velocity considering that all units are expressed in the International System?


Since we are using International System units, the two positions respectively called Pi and Pf are expressed in meters.

Initial data

Pi (1,2) m y Pf(1,-2) m.
Δt=t2-t1=2 sg.


To calculate the average velocity, we must use of the following equation:

vavg= r t= r2-r1t2 - t1

where the time elapsed is already provided in the statement and the displacement vector is obtained of the following way:


Therefore, first we calculate the displacement vector regarding these two positions:

Δr=(1-1)·i+(-2-2)·jm Δr=(0)·i+(-4)·j mΔr=-4 ·jm

Once we know the displacement vector, we can calculate the average velocity vector.

vavg=-4·j2m vavg=-2 ·j m


Formulas worksheet

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vavg= r t= r2-r1t2 - t1