Answer if the following statements are true or false:

a) If motion has normal acceleration, the motion is rectilinear.
b) If motion has tangential acceleration, the motion is curvilinear.
c) Normal and tangential acceleration are called intrinsic components of the acceleration.
d) Motion without normal acceleration and with constant tangential acceleration is called uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion. (u.a.r.m.)


a) False.

When there is normal acceleration, i.e., an it is different than 0, the motion is curvilinear. Depending on the tangential acceleration of the motion, we will talk about uniform circular motion, uniformly accelerated circular motion, etc.

b) False.

The component that determines whether it is curvilinear motion or not, is the value of the normal or centripetal acceleration. The tangential acceleration determines whether the motion is uniform or not.

c) True.

d) True.

We haven't found any remarkable formula in this exercise.