Two bodies have acceleration 6 m/s2 y 9 m/s2 respectively, if they are under the same force. What is the relationship between masses?



  • Acceleration of the first body a1 = 6 m/s2
  • Acceleration of the second body a2 = 9 m/s2
  • Force acting on the first body F1 
  • Force acting on the second body F2


The heading tells us the force acting on the first body and the force acting on the second one is the same, so:


The relation, m1/m2 we can find it applying Newton´s second law ( F=m·a ), and assuming the mass does not vary while the force is acting, we have:


In another way, we can say the mass of the first body is one time and a half the mass of the second body ( m1=m2·1.5 ).

Note: Observe that we worked throughout the whole problem by using the magnitudes of forces and acceleration, without taking into account its vector nature. Actually, because F1=F2, the accelerations will have the same direction and we can use their magnitudes to find the relation requested.

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